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Math Team Competition

The NHRMS math team held the local MathCounts competition yesterday afternoon to determine who will represent our school at the chapter level next month.
Congratulations to our competitors!
Thank you to Coaches MacNeil and Ingalls for hosting this awesome event.

Math Counts online competition top scorers per grade:
6th Grade: Tyler Kolek
7th Grade: Arwin Little
8th Grade: Ian Cook

Math Counts online competition top 3 scorers:
1st place: Ian Cook
2nd place: Tyler Kolek
3rd place: Arwin Little/Anna Bruck

Countdown Round
1st place: Ian Cook 
2nd place: Arwin Little 

Top 4 Overall including Countdown Round:
1st place: Ian Cook
2nd Place: Tyler Kolek
3rd place: Arwin Little
4th place: Anna Bruck

The top 12 who will compete at the chapter level on 2/17 are:
Ian Cook                        Michael Zieler
Tyler Kolek                     Luke Sands
Arwen Little                    Atticus Marshall
Anna Bruck                    Kayleigh Roy
Collin Campagna           Kade Karpiej
August Riccio                 Brian New
Math Team


Teacher of the Year 2022

Jillian Palmer
Ms. Jillian Palmer

Here are some excerpts from her nomination:

Jill is a top-quality teacher who understands the importance
of reaching all learners

Challenges students to revise their work and truly realize
their potential as writers

Instrumental in teaching students about the Holocaust

Boldly takes on long-term projects

Developed relationships with students who would have otherwise disengaged from learning

Team leader who communicates effectively and efficiently with administration, co-workers, and parents

Created Noisemakers, a student-led program that encourages students to be decision makers in their community and impact change so all students have someone to turn to in time of need

Makes meaningful, positive contributions to the school community

We are so lucky to have her teaching at NHRMS!


Support Staff
Person of the
 Year 2022

Patrick Miett
Mr. Patrick Miett

Here are some excerpts from his nomination:

Impressive patience, compassion, responsibility, and dedication
to the Hale-Ray community

He is incredibly devoted to bringing out the best in students – both academically and socially

Truly cares about every student and takes the time to get to know them

Students really connect with and respect him

Never hesitates to step up, help out, and take on far
more responsibility than his job requires

Patrick has coached the boys’ basketball team and
numerous intramural sports

Engages professionally with his peers and is highly valued
for his opinion and contributions

Very dependable and rarely misses a day of work

We would be at such a loss without him!




Principal's Message

2021-2022 School Year


During the winter months, we still allow the students to go outside for recess any time the temperature and wind chill is above twenty degrees. Please send your children to school with appropriate cold weather clothing including hats and gloves.


MPAC (Middle school Principal Advisory Council) is actively seeking new members and volunteers. This dedicated group of parents will host conversations on topics such as internet safety, school nutrition, cultural arts, and other day-to-day operations. You can find information about MPAC such as how to join or when the meetings are by accessing this link:  MPAC Website

If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to email me at